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The Zazzle Hits Keep Coming!

I’d be bragging if this many people bought something, but…I won’t be dismayed!

The sales will soon come!

(March 25, 2013 stats)


Over 1800+ Zazzle Store Visits on March 20th

I want to keep thanking the Powers That Be for all the Zazzle store hits – I keep saying I have no idea why there are so many, but it keeps going…THANK YOU GOD AND EVERYBODY!!

March 20:

1838 visits today

12809 visits all time

Over 1000+ Hits On My Zazzle Store Again!!

I must admit, though, I’m starting to get discouraged despite the high number of hits to my store: no new sales :/

Thanks again to those of you who follow my blog, “like” my posts, and share my products with others – you’re helping me with the good karma!!



Cousin Belle’s Zazzle Store Visits – Over 750 Hits On March 15, 2013!!

I’m truly humbled – how does this happen? Oddly enough, it’s not through WordPress hits, it’s through the Zazzle site itself.

Now, if I could only translate hits into sales…