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Cousin Belle’s Zazzle Store – Prices Reduced!! ***SPRING has SPRUNG!!***

Ladies and Gentlemen, to celebrate the beginning of SPRING,
I cut down my prices so I could sell some merch!

Click on the logo below for savings 🙂


“My Heart Belongs To Neptune”

Not everyone will get this tongue-in-cheek reference, but for those of you who do: collect the whole set!

My Heart Belongs To Neptune Hat
My Heart Belongs To Neptune Hat by CousinBelles
Shop for Neptune Hats online at Zazzle.com

THANK YOU To All My WordPress Followers! A Personal Story…

And I really mean it…thank you for following my blog.

When I first started this blog + my Zazzle store, I had no idea if anyone would be remotely interested in what I had to say, much less what I had to sell…it was a big risk of invested hours. Thank you for every link of mine you’ve ever forwarded or showed a friend.

I’ve made some sales here and there, and it’s been enough so I can buy my own shirts – what a goof! I enjoy it all the same, and thank you for feeding my Zazzle habit – good karma all around 🙂

Belle @ http://www.zazzle/cousinbelles*


NEW! “Blue Rollerskate Xray” Drinking Bottle by CousinBelles

Who in the world would make an Xray of a roller skate, much less put it on Zazzle products?? Wait…uh…

NEW! “Pink Rollerskate Xray” Water Bottles by CousinBelles

There’s a blue version of this also – quirky!