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St. Patrick’s Souvenir Vintage Victorian Postcard Products

I Love Zazzle

Everything old is new again – celebrate St. Patrick’s Day year-round with these!

Second Breakfast: The Lego Movie Is Perfect

Will definitely go see this movie!!

Rooster Illusion

SecondBreakfast-01 The few, the proud, the “those with nothing better to do” among you probably know by now that I always begin my articles with a completely pointless introductory paragraph before I approach my obligatory plot summary. Not this time, folks. I’m reviewing The Lego Movie this week and I cannot postpone my excitement. I’m getting it out in the open right now: The Lego Movie is perfect. If you disagree with me, then you are wasting your time in reading this review. Go read a book. If you agree and desperately need your opinions validated by an unpaid internet movie critic, read on, dear friend. If you haven’t yet seen The Lego Movie and need a reason to do so, you’re in luck.

The Lego Movie (2013)


The Plot: Emmet (Chris Pratt!) is a regular, ordinary, unassuming Lego minifig living a regular, ordinary, unassuming life in a Lego City…

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Friday Giftures and Goal Disappointment

From “Ben’s Bitter Blog” – animated gifs!

Ben's Bitter Blog

It is Friday and things have been a little too ambitious up in here.  For instance, I hear the weather in the vortexy area of the United States is working overtime stacking two inches of fat stacks of white frozen angel water upon the grounds of Georgia. When even weather is trying to meet goals, it is time to slow down.   It is almost February people!  This is the time of the year when people are giving up on our resolutions! Get less motivated people!  Start to quit! In case you needed some help, here are some demotivational gifs to get you back to slacking this week:

Set the bar lower for goodness sake:  

That’s good for today…

Do a little less Facetime chatting:

Do you ever feel like a paper bag…

Here we go…First load of the day…

Show someone how much you despise them…

Go nowhere fast…

Quit that diet…

Go to a concert…

Start a new…

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Another Year, Another Inappropriate Elf On The Shelf…

Yeah, you love to hate them – the Elf on the Shelf.

The NSA of Santa’s entourage, they make trouble all over your house, get ALL up in your business, narc on you and your family members, and for no festive reason. When they should be busy making toys, they’re out carousing, whøring, and gettin’ paid…with cookies, candy canes, and alcohol – all at your expense.

My advice: keep a nanny cam on 24/7.

So, here’s a reminder of where you can peep this impish mischief:



¡Feliz Navidad!
Cousin Belle


How Do You Bloggers Make Money? I’m Confounded…

Dearest readers and followers,

I’m not trying to be aggravating, I swear, but I don’t understand how you make money from blogging. Can one make money from having a WordPress blog? How do you guys get to “live the life you want”, get to travel, have a life, etc.? I have none of those things. Quite frankly, I’m single, job-hunting, relocating/moving, mostly-broke, and am looking for a fun way to make money on the side. I have 2 revenue streams at the moment (full-time job that went part-time + Zazzle store), but I could always make room for more as long as it’s not going to violate my privacy or go against my work ethic. Ultimately, I have to get a full-time job, but I tend to be a workaholic and even with a full-time job I can find time to write…something I love to do.

I see many of you have links to videos that show me how, but I’m asking if someone will cut-to-the-chase and just tell me. I can’t afford to spend money to make money at this point, so I’m hoping it’s not a multi-level marketing thing.  I’m listening…

Will you please help a Cousin out?


ZAZZLE SALE: Surprise Spring Sale – 15% Off All Products! Ends Thursday (details)

Surprise Spring Sale – 15% Off All Products!   Use Code: SPRINGSALE15   Ends Thursday (details)

The Zazzle Hits Keep Coming!

I’d be bragging if this many people bought something, but…I won’t be dismayed!

The sales will soon come!

(March 25, 2013 stats)


“Idle No More” Products on Zazzle

I’m more than happy to promote “Idle No More” items on WordPress!!

~If you don’t know what the Idle No More movement is about, a primer is here – it’s spread into America~

A teach-in is coming near you!


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NEW! “Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life”

Nope, not another “Keep Calm” shirt…technically.

Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life Mouse Pads
Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life Mouse Pads by CousinBelles
Check out more Keep calm Mousepads at Zazzle
Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life ipad mini cases

Cousin Belle’s Zazzle Store Visits – Over 750 Hits On March 15, 2013!!

I’m truly humbled – how does this happen? Oddly enough, it’s not through WordPress hits, it’s through the Zazzle site itself.

Now, if I could only translate hits into sales…


St. Patrick’s Souvenir Vintage Victorian Postcard Products

Everything old is new again – celebrate St. Patrick’s Day year-round with these!

Tennessee Fall Tree Scene Magnets by CousinBelles

Tennessee Fall Tree Scene Magnets
Tennessee Fall Tree Scene Magnets by CousinBelles
View additional magnets from zazzle.com.

Zazzle’s “Quick Create” Not Processing Apparel – per admins

ZAZZLERS – I was having problems creating Zazzle apparel when I went looking in the Zazzle forums for the answer as to why….the following announcement:





Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 5:39:25 PM

Groups: Administration, Zazzle Admin

Joined: 11/7/2009
Posts: 2,119

Hello Zazzlers,

Over the next few months, we will be actively updating some of our product lines on the site. During these transitional phases, some of their expected behaviors may change temporarily.

The first product line to experience a shift in behavior is apparel. Until mid-July, we will not be processing any apparel through our Quick Create channel.

Thank you for your understanding and please check the News Section in the Forum for updates.

The Zazzle Team