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December Daily Deals – 40% OFF Shirts & Cases + 15% OFF Everything Else! Today Only!     USE CODE: 12DAILYDEAL3   (details)

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Alabama Dark Sunset Post Cards”


I really hope your customized cards remind the recipients of how gorgeous the Heart of Dixie is…

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December Daily Deals – 40% OFF ShirtsPrints & Cards + 15% OFF Everything Else! Today Only!     USE CODE: 12DAILYDEAL1   (click for details)

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Virginia Seagull Sunset Airbrush Look Coffee Mug”

I really hope this mug blesses your life – or whomever you’re gifting it to!


THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Pink Lotus Flower In Bloom” Postcard


May you be blessed and prosper 🙂

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BLACK FRIDAY DOORS BUSTED! Dishes can wait, these deals can’t… Ends Friday 10AM PST!   Click For Code


Where To Eat For Thanksgiving 2012 – Open Restaurants on Nov 22nd

Now, you know I like to hook ya’ll up with GREAT DEALS on not only ZAZZLE stuff, but FOOD!!!!!


Where To Eat On Thanksgiving If Cooking Isn’t Your Thing

By the way, they left out Starbucks (yes, they have food) and CRACKER BARREL!!!!

What restaurants are open on Thanksgiving 2012? Buffets, turkey dinner deals (includes the Barrel)

To clarify – Cracker Barrel is open at 6am on Thanksgiving Day – THEY START SERVING THEIR THANKSGIVING MEAL SPECIAL AT 11AM.

**CHECK OUT my list of tags for more restaurants…..**

While I don’t condone the commercialization of Thanksgiving, I can appreciate a family dining experience and encourage you to go out to eat…stimulate the economy…and please be good to the waitstaff, etc…

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