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Your DNA + Trees…

Hello Dear Readers…

I just wanted to pop in and say something right quick: I appreciate all the hard work that goes into doing your family trees because I have a few on HOWEVER, I also know that there are people who have family trees with tens of thousands of people on them – you have to know, due to the “odds” and human nature being what it is, many of those trees are just plain wrong.

It’s called an NPE, or “not the paternity expected”. Like, your grandparents and ancestors cheated. Yep, they did. The baby mama or daddy is not who you have in your tree. This is why I resorted to having three generations of my family tested to get the truth. And even being tested, you can only go so far back, maybe about 10 generations…? Maybe more if you have some hearty DNA, so you could get lucky and get some strong-surviving autosomal DNA that gets your back further.

And yes, for their Ancestry trees, sometimes people just copy and copy and copy the wrong data – over and over and over again – so there’s that part of the Ancestry database.

I’m not being paid to advertise; I don’t do that. I do not recommend DNA testing on, I’ve seen too many creepy stories about cops showing up at your door. The company 23andMe was started by the wife of one of the Google founders, so that creeps me out in a Big Brother way. I only recommend

Thanks for listening ❤