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“Truth + Justice…For Those Who Can Afford It” Skin For iPhone 2G by CousinBelles

For the cynic in you…

“Shelling” Refrigerator Magnets by CousinBelles

A reminder of a favorite pastime – on your fridge or filing cabinet!

Shelling Refrigerator Magnets
Shelling Refrigerator Magnets by CousinBelles
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“Shelling 2” Hat by CousinBelles

Any day, any time of the year, you can go shelling on the beach…

Shelling 2 hat
Shelling 2 hat by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Boat Drinks” T Shirt by CousinBelles

Yep, a Jimmy Buffet reference to the cocktails with little paper umbrellas…

From personal experience I found that consuming alcohol does actually alleviate seasickness when consumed before heading out in the water…in moderation, though!

NEW! “Insouciant, Without Being Recherché” Cards by CousinBelles

A tongue-in-cheek reference to the pretentious among us…

NEW! “Pink Pearl Oyster” Greeting Card by CousinBelles

Shiny! Pearly!

NEW! “Pink Hydrangea” Vibe iPhone 4 Covers by CousinBelles

Forget the calendar, Spring has sprung in my store!

Pink Hydrangea Vibe iPhone 4 Covers
Pink Hydrangea Vibe iPhone 4 Covers by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Clematis In Bloom” Card by CousinBelles

Even though it’s still Winter, your Spring flowers are trying to take in all water and warmth so they can soon show their true colors…soon…

~enjoy some clematis~

NEW! “Hyacinth in Bloom Cards” by CousinBelles

It’s almost time for the Spring bulbs to pop up – here’s a reminder of Spring’s treasures!

~Have some hyacinths and tulips~
Hyacinth in Bloom Cards
Hyacinth in Bloom Cards by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Strawberries Tee Shirt” by CousinBelles

If this shirt had been available in 1977,

I’d have been wearin’ it!!

I live vicariously through my tshirts 😀

Strawberries Tee Shirt
Strawberries Tee Shirt by CousinBelles
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NEW! Strawberries Card by CousinBelles

Just in time for Spring – think berry good thoughts! 

Strawberries Card
Strawberries Card by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Vintage Tractor Flowers Shirts” by CousinBelles

Not all tractor shirts are for the boys!!