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Stars Fell On Alabama Mug by CousinBelles

Alabama Airbrush Sunset Refrigerator Magnets by CousinBelles

Dear Lesley Carter – You’ve Won A….

***Sugar, I KNOW you’re reading this, and yes, this is for you!!***

You have won yourself a FREE tshirt/mug/mousepad/keychain….something! Hit me up and I’ll send you a nice treasure from my Zazzle store. Here’s to your first Summer in [sweltering] North Carolina!

Thank you for all the “Likes” and support – it’s much appreciated 🙂


Emerald Isle Beach, NC at Sunset Ipad Case by CousinBelles

Coral Tree in California Aprons by CousinBelles

Shelling Key Chains by CousinBelles

A Bountiful Thanksgiving Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

Check it out ~

I scanned an old Thanksgiving postcard and ‘up cycled’ it!

Purple Pansy Victorian Birthday Greetings Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

I’ll soon be parting with my Victorian postcard collection, so I thought I’d make the best of it by creating Zazzle designs with these unique treasures. This particular card is originally a 3D and in great shape…although you can see some minor wear on this scan.

Not bad for a 100 year old card!!

California Big Sur Ocean View II Magnet by CousinBelles

Alabama Dark Sunset Mousepad by CousinBelles

*Celebrate the “Heart of Dixie” with this mousepad*

Alabama Dark Sunset Mousepad

THANK you to the customer who bought one of these!

THANK YOU to the customer who bought one of these!

I appreciate each and every purchase {hearts}.

Emerald Isle Shell Closeup Card by CousinBelles

I can honestly tell you…I have no idea what this is. 

Is it a rock? Shell? Bone?

Whatever it is, I was intrigued enough to take this photo at Emerald Isle, NC.

New stuff!

Zazzle Blog

Let’s kick off summer the right way with a ton of new products on Zazzle! We’ve just launched custom cake toppers (great for summer parties), custom picture frames (summer party pictures), luggage tags (summer travel), custom dry-erase boards (summer to do list), and custom clocks (summer time keeping?). Check out my favorite designs for these new products below.

More new products are coming soon! What’s your favorite new Zazzle product? Share in the comments!

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