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Sanibel Captiva Web Cam Camera | Fort Myers Beach WebCam | i Love Shelling

Sanibel Captiva Web Cam Camera | Fort Myers Beach WebCam | i Love Shelling.

Click on each link below to take you to the best shelling Web Cams in Southwest Florida!

Don’t forget to watch for new blog posts for current up-to-date info on all our beaches. CLICK HERE!iLoveShelling.com

Customize It All

Shelling / Beach-combing – A Year Round Hobby

Customize It All

Shelling is a favorite pastime of mine, and the best part is, it can be done year-round.

Storms churn the sea, bringing up many long-hidden ocean treasures up on shore. Yes, the windy Winter months are harsher for shellers, but with several layers to keep warm (a rain poncho helps), you can gather those hard-to-find shells you’ve been waiting for.

Where I live, the Gulf Stream is ever-faithful to bring up surprises from all over. My latest goals are finding dark purple quahog and conch shells. I’m going to make some wampum jewelry with my trusty Dremel tool, and I need some conch shell to experiment making other jewelry beads, or whatever I come up with. Will post pictures when I can get further South…

Shelling Tees

Sarasota On My Mind…

Have you ever been to the beach around Sarasota or Clearwater, Florida? The sand is finely ocean-ground white quartz, and it looks like sugar. It feels cold on your feet! The water, because it’s “Gulf-side”, is very aqua, and words can’t even describe the beauty.

Here is a favorite design of mine –  I included the pinkish sun-glow, the white sand, and aqua blue waters:

The Essential Beachcomber: Shell Sistahs

The Essential Beachcomber: Shell Sistahs

This isn’t my blog, but “The Essential Beachcomber” has some great recommendations for you if you’re into shell hunting – this list will be plenty to get you started in your journey to learn more about your favorite hobby!

Emerald Isle Beach, NC at Sunset Design

I took this shot several years ago when the sun went down…I didn’t add any effects to the photo itself, but the sun casted it’s own pink halo!

Emerald Isle Beach, NC at Sunset skins

Shelling 2 – Take Me To The Beach!

Spring is almost here – get your beach gear!

Shelling 2 iPad covers
Shelling 2 iPad covers by CousinBelles
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Shelling 2 hat
Shelling 2 hat by CousinBelles
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Boardwalk Scene – Spring’s Coming

The last time I was on the Boardwalk? Last week! Brrr!

~Spring comes March 20~

BTW, postcards are $.98!

“Shelling” Refrigerator Magnets by CousinBelles

A reminder of a favorite pastime – on your fridge or filing cabinet!

Shelling Refrigerator Magnets
Shelling Refrigerator Magnets by CousinBelles
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“Shelling 2” Hat by CousinBelles

Any day, any time of the year, you can go shelling on the beach…

Shelling 2 hat
Shelling 2 hat by CousinBelles
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Shelling Key Chains by CousinBelles

Emerald Isle Shell Closeup Card by CousinBelles

I can honestly tell you…I have no idea what this is. 

Is it a rock? Shell? Bone?

Whatever it is, I was intrigued enough to take this photo at Emerald Isle, NC.

Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Mugs by CousinBelles

Emerald Isle seashells!

Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Mugs
Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Mugs by CousinBelles
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Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

Not my shell collection actually, but it was there for the {picture} taking!

Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Greeting Cards
Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Greeting Cards by CousinBelles
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Florida Starfish Mesh Hat by CousinBelles

Wear one at the beach when you’re shelling!