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Wine Recommendation: “Goia” By Castello di Amorosa (California Rosé)

Goia” By Castello di Amorosa

(NAPA, California)

About 5 years ago, I went to California on business for one month. It changed my life.

I went to Napa and Sonoma Valleys up North, and I went to the Korbel Champagnerie, Benziger Winery, and Castello di Amorosa Winery. Castello di Amorosa is a castle – literally. Click here to take a virtual tour of the amazing architecture!

The founder of the winery built his own personal castle that grows and makes wine – a 13th century, Tuscan castle and winery.

Rosato di Sangiovese
Goia is “an Italian style rose with a rosy-red garnet color, bursting with white plum, red raspberries, tart pomegranate and red delicious apple aromas.”

Tasting Notes
Bright strawberry and cranberry flavors in the mouth are preceded by the refreshingly firm acidity. This rose has a subtle touch of sweetness and finishes creamy in texture.
Food Pairing Notes
Gioia is an elegant picnic wine to serve with fresh fruit and charcuterie, or fish and lighter fare. It is a perfect sipping or warm weather wine.


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Actually, the latter is closest to the original Spanish name, but either pronunciation is acceptable. However, depending on which way you choose to say it, they can tell if you’re a native!

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