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I just ordered a couple items on my site:

Find Your Place In The Sun Mug

Find Your Place In The Sun MugCombo Mug, 11 oz Made by Zazzle Home in Reno, NV. Sold by Zazzle. Customized by You!Price$16.95Qty1Subtotal$16.95  $12.72Savings: -25% (discount)

Neptunalia T-Shirt

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Neptunalia T-Shirt

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “El Capitan” Trucker Hat!!

THANK YOU to Kyle in Texas for buying this awesome hat – “I’m the Captain now!”"El Capitan" Trucker Hats
“El Capitan” Trucker Hats by CousinBelles
See more Boat Hats at zazzle.com

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “DelMarVa Antique Map” Mesh Hat!!

Much respect to the person who loves DelMarVa and it’s unique character –

hope you enjoy this hat immensely 🙂

Cousin Belle’s Boating & Sailing Gifts

Just a sampling…

Sail On Apron

Sailors Sailing the Seas Mousepads

Need a mousepad for your new digs? Love the water?

The Emerald Coast Mousepads

Chesapeake Freeze-up

My area is looking like this also…and more snow is coming soon!


My in-laws are out-of-town (they live a mile away from us on the bay) and we’re caring for their dog every day.  This morning we walked over to the bay side (we live on the creek side) and took Savannah (the dog) out for her walk.  I captured a few images of the bay this morning, because I’ve never seen this much ice out there.  I’ve heard stories of the “old days” when the bay would freeze right across, and now that we’ve experienced this cold snap I realize how cold for how long that would take.  Maybe the world is getting warmer.  Regardless, here are the photos – several taken from the vantage point of upstairs at my in-laws.  Oh – it was 5 degrees F this morning at 0730. . .


These photos were taken with my wife’s point-&-shoot Sony HX7V.  I’ve done quite a bit of post-processing…

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