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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Rooster Attitude” Fridge Magnet

May cockiness abound!

Cousin Belle’s Farming-Themed Hats

‘Tis the season to start getting out there in the fields and gardens…

Rooster Attitude Mesh Hats
Cherries Hat

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Rooster Attitude” Key Chain!!

THANK YOU, and I hope this trinket helps you find your keys better 😀

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Rooster Attitude” Hat!!


Enjoy your hat and wear that rooster proudly 🙂

NEW! “Pears” by CousinBelles

Pears by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Apples” by CousinBelles

New in my fruit series:

NEW! “Cherries” Design by Cousin Belles

I love my new fruit series – more to come!


Cherries by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Rooster” Showcase Mug by CousinBelles

For your morning cup o’ joe…

Rooster Showcase Mug
Rooster Showcase Mug by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Orange Dahlia” Greeting Card by CousinBelles

NEW! Strawberries Card by CousinBelles

Just in time for Spring – think berry good thoughts! 

Strawberries Card
Strawberries Card by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Vintage Tractor Flowers Shirts” by CousinBelles

Not all tractor shirts are for the boys!!