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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “California Redwood Upshot” Post Card

I’m not sure if I was allowed to post this on Zazzle, but I wanted to mention that this particular redwood tree is at the Korbel champagnerie in Sonoma Valley!


RetailMeNot – New Balance Shoes Coupon

Dear Readers…

I’m hopeful. I have wide feet (8.5W) and I’m reallllly hoping I can find some comfortable dress shoes. Did you know that New Balance made dress shoes?? I ordered the Aravon style “Anna”, and while they may not be the sexiest dress shoe I’ve ever worn, my new job in retail has my dogs barking up a storm, so I HAVE to try something new!

All shoes I own are either a 9M, 9W, or 8.5W – however, when you have to stand for 8+ hours a day, numbers mean very little. My shoes fit fine as long as I don’t have to stand all day! I have shoes that fit, but not shoes that can bear my weight and give me the comfort I need. And I need shoes that can go with a skirt or pants. I chose some Mary Janes.

Remember – if you have wide feet and/or are in need of a LARGE TOE BOX, you should try to stay with the New Balance brand. I learned years ago about NB’s cozy tennis shoes, and always wished they’d made dress shoes. Not sure when they started doing it, but I’m glad they did. I’ll post a review and photos when I try them out. Crossing my fingers and toes that they’ll work.

Go to RetailMeNot’s online coupons and use one before you order!

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Rooster Attitude” Fridge Magnet

May cockiness abound!

Dr. Scholl’s® OneStep Corn Removers – Cousin Belle’s Review

Dr. Scholl’s® OneStep Corn Removers

I’ve used this product a few times – sadly, I’ve been the victim of ill-fitting shoes, so I thought I’d speak up for this remedy.

There aren’t good instructions in the packages, so I’ll simplify them for you:

1) Soak your feet in warm/hot water for 15 minutes. Dry off, allow another 15 minutes to dry.

2) Put the bandage on your corn(s), however many are needed. I believe the bandage stays on very well, others have complained of the opposite. Use your own stick-on bandage on top if the original isn’t enough.

3) Allow the salicylic acid in the remedy work on  your corn for 48 hours.

4) Gently remove the bandage(s) – the corn that’s dissolved will probably be white in color. The dead skin will probably fall off with a little tug, but don’t force it off. Allow the dead skin to lift off – could be days before this happens.

5) Feel free to repeat the soaking process, and re-bandage if the corn doesn’t come right off.



– If the white “circles” on your feet lift off, there will be “fresh” pink tender skin underneath…the way Nature intended. That said, that new skin is very delicate, and you need to protect your feet from getting abraded, rubbed, chafed, or squished in your shoes, so take it easy. They do make “toe covers” with really thick gel, so I’d use those after you remove your corns. Allow that pink skin to heal.

– I would wait until the pink skin heals before getting a pedicure.

– Everybody’s corn situation is different. Some take a few treatments, some fall off when you remove the bandage after 48 hours. Mine are stubborn and have required 2 treatments, but whatever, I’m hardcore!

– Some dark-skinned users have reported back a discoloration, or hyper pigmentation. Please use caution.

– Whatever you do, be patient – corns take a lot of time to form, and some people have had them for YEARS! No matter, this remedy works, and I hope it works for you, too 🙂

Belle Discount Coupon Codes – Free Shipping Over $50!!

HEY YA’LL – hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day holiday weekend. God Bless those who’ve served and continue to serve our country!!!

BTW, the “Healthy Feet Store” online has some savings you might want to avoid the mall for, if you know what I mean!

I ordered insoles that are supposed to correct my over-supination problem (bow legs!)…and some metatarsal pads for the ball of the foot pain, meant to ease the neuroma problem I get due to Morton’s Foot / Morton’s Toe. I have plantar fasciitis to some degree because I have toughened arch muscles that are thick – trying to address those with self-massage on the trigger points, but also the rest of what I ordered today should fully address what I got going on – and I gotta lot going on! Will update this blog with reviews of how my purchase went towards my foot pain, but until then, enjoy some savings!!

Belle Discount Coupon Codes Discount Coupon Codes

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Scissors Cutting


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“A Wooden Lady With A Painted Face…”

This started my fear of mannequins – an old episode of “The Twilight Zone”, starring “Marsha”, a real proper gal who accidentally gets locked in on an imaginary/non-existant floor of a swanky department store. She’s given a hard time by some real bullies! Or, are they real?



Cousin Belle – Clothing Huckster

Ya’ll, I have to you tell you – even though I have a Zazzle store, THIS new clothing endeavor has a whole new meaning…

I got a “real job” at an upscale department store!

I now work at a store in a well-trafficked mall in a large Southern city. Dressing up for work like a respectable person is difficult, I must admit. I love wearing my own t-shirts and jeans, so this whole blouse and skirt thing is gonna take some getting used to. And standing for hours, not having Italian-made shoes that are comfortable. And I have to behave. And I have to remember passwords and dressing room keys…it’s a struggle.

I have no parents, husband or boyfriend to help me financially, so the pressure is quite literally, all on me to make it. It’s a commission only job – no need to fear, the department where I work is very “high end”, and I sell “suits” and “garments” (swanky, no?). I was very unsure of how I’d do at this job, seeing as how I haven’t worked in retail since…ever. I discovered a hidden talent for it, though, and I’m doing great with selling. It’s a scary venture, going into a commission only job. It’s like do-or-die, sink-or-swim and you hope you have VERY strong arms!

Speaking of arms, I must tell you…yesterday, I saw a salesgirl accidentally yank off a mannequin’s arm and it MADE MY DAY!!! It had strong magnets to attach, not broken, but she got knocked on her butt removing it. The force was strong with that one!

I don’t have a fascination with mannequins, I just have a love of tormenting them as though they are human. I admit I now ‘talk’ to them, condescendingly, and crack jokes about them. Is that bad??

I don’t fear mannequins – they’re creepy and wonderful, like I said in my last post. I think the almost morbid fascination comes from us humans, having sentience, don’t like looking at ourselves without “life” or animation. It’s like, we’re looking at cold, unthinking humans, when really, they are only representations of humans. Now, I know you know that, but think about the people who subconsciously give life to inanimate objects – happens all the time, and it may not even register.

This is where fear comes in. Many people are afraid of mannequins, puppets, dolls, statues, robots and mimes. More on this soon 😀

I’ll be posting more “scenes from a department store” stories shortly – I’ve been there 3 weeks and already have some worthy stories…

Thanks for supporting me!!


P.S. – for you ladies…here are some naked man-nequins (tee hee) with bulges:

P.P.S. – is that a “reach back”?

P.P.P.S. – notice the unattached arm on the shelf! YESSSSS!!!!!


Make Up For Ever’s Radical Mannequin Campaign Is Pretty Freaking Fantastic


Make Up For Ever’s Radical Mannequin Campaign Is Pretty Freaking Fantastic


NOT that anyone asked me, but I’m thinking mannequins are creepy and wonderful!

Some examples of the campaign:

Make Up For Ever’s Radical Mannequin Campaign Is Pretty Freaking Fantastic.