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NEW: “I Need Quarters”

This is a shot in the dark…if you even remember this, you’re in the minority. In 1983 there was a song by Joe Walsh (formerly of The Eagles) that addressed the video/arcade craze that was going on at the time – the song is “Space Age Whiz Kids”. It’s an account of how pinball was being replaced by video games.

One of the last lines uttered in the song was “I….need….quarters!” – I’ve never forgotten this almost-creepy reference to sheer addiction! And yet, it wound up on one of my t-shirts and for good reason; I still hear myself saying it 30 years later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the lo-fi video:

I Need Quarters Tshirts
I Need Quarters Tshirts by CousinBelles
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NEW: “Insert $1 Dollar Bills Only”

Meant to be cheeky, it’s also a commonly seen phrase for people who play arcade games/pinball like me:

forever in search of the change machine…

Insert $1 Dollar Bills Only Tshirts
Insert $1 Dollar Bills Only Tshirts by CousinBelles
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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Pinball Wizard” Tshirt!!

Every time I sell my Zazzle merchandise, I’m always humbled and very thankful.

THANK YOU for buying this shirt – I’d love to see photos of the wearer in it!!
Pinball Wizard Tshirt
Pinball Wizard Tshirt by CousinBelles
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