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Of Reprehensible Persons

Of scammy scammers scamming…


rep·re·hen·si·ble (\ˌre-pri-ˈhen(t)-sə-bəl\)
Deserving rebuke or censure; blameworthy.

Just to give rebuke where rebuke is due. And/or to vent a little. 🙂

Anthony Weiner is a walking punchline, and should Just Go Away. If an oppresivist Republican was doing this I’d love it 🙂 but Weiner is just hurting the Progressive side every time he (or his organization) opens its mouth. If he were a uniquely effective force on the side of good (see below) I would be more conflicted, but apparently he isn’t. (I am a bit of an Alex Pareene fan, I admit.)

On the other hand, Eliot Spitzer has been one of the few people in power willing and able to get all up in Wall Street’s face and at least threaten to bring some justice to the thoroughly entrenched criminals there. Which makes it sort of a pity that he’s an entitled oppresivist hypocrite

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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Pink Lotus Flower In Bloom” Stickers!!

GORGEOUS pink lotus – THANKS for buying the sheet of stickers; they’re so beautiful!

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How Do You Bloggers Make Money? I’m Confounded…

Dearest readers and followers,

I’m not trying to be aggravating, I swear, but I don’t understand how you make money from blogging. Can one make money from having a WordPress blog? How do you guys get to “live the life you want”, get to travel, have a life, etc.? I have none of those things. Quite frankly, I’m single, job-hunting, relocating/moving, mostly-broke, and am looking for a fun way to make money on the side. I have 2 revenue streams at the moment (full-time job that went part-time + Zazzle store), but I could always make room for more as long as it’s not going to violate my privacy or go against my work ethic. Ultimately, I have to get a full-time job, but I tend to be a workaholic and even with a full-time job I can find time to write…something I love to do.

I see many of you have links to videos that show me how, but I’m asking if someone will cut-to-the-chase and just tell me. I can’t afford to spend money to make money at this point, so I’m hoping it’s not a multi-level marketing thing.  I’m listening…

Will you please help a Cousin out?


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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Foxy Pink Airbrush” Keychain!!

Do you remember when you used to refer to a good-looking person as a “fox” or said someone was “foxy”? Yeah, we’re that old, but it’s cool…

Foxy Pink Airbrush Keychain
Foxy Pink Airbrush Keychain by CousinBelles
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