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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Emerald Isle Beach, NC at Sunset” Postcards!!

Thank you – I’m glad you appreciate my sunset view of Emerald Isle 🙂

Customizable Emerald Isle “Shell Closeup” Card

OK, I wish I had a better story than this… I was taking lots of pictures on Emerald Isle beach, and saw this “thing”…no idea what it is. I’d call it an “artifact”. Is it a shell? Bone? Fossil? It was very cold to the touch, so I presume most likely a fossil of some kind…and it looks like it has teeth!

Anyway, I took a closeup of it with the surf in the background. Whatever it is, maybe you’ll think it’s cool like I do!

Emerald Isle Shell Closeup cards

Emerald Isle, North Carolina Seashell Collection At The Beach

I took this shot at Emerald Isle, NC….not staged either, but I figured someone left their collection near the fence for a reason.

Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection skins

Emerald Isle Beach, NC at Sunset Design

I took this shot several years ago when the sun went down…I didn’t add any effects to the photo itself, but the sun casted it’s own pink halo!

Emerald Isle Beach, NC at Sunset skins

THANK YOU To The Person Who Bought My “Emerald Isle Beach, NC at Sunset” Magnets

THANK YOU for your purchase!!

Just an FYI, this photo was taken in the Fall at Emerald Isle…the footprints add to the realism (they were mine!). The ripple on the inland water pool was interesting since the ocean itself is far to the left of the photo…cool!!