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If You Love Sneakers – Videos – Fun DIY Projects

Do you know what a “Sneakerhead” is? It’s someone who loves sneakers, and for the most part, collects them, keeps them in great condition, loves to read up on them…an athletic shoe hobbyist, if you will. I’m probably not one, but I do love wearing them.

Another facet of this hobby is the DIY projects like cleaning and customizing. I go to YouTube often and watch these videos. Back in the day, I owned a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse high-tops that were red, white and blue – haven’t seen them in years, but I now own three pairs of Chucks (black, navy and gray suede), making a grand total of 8 sneakers. I have no idea why I own so many because I can’t wear them to work. And I don’t work out or go to the gym. I just wanted them.

So, I thought I’d pass along some videos that I thought would be helpful if you have a passion for sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers, or whatever you want to call them. Since I complain about my feet, know that part of the reason I own so many is the ever-expanding size of my feet over the years and the need for comfort is essential…the other is, you can customize sneakers, whereas you really can’t as much with “work” shoes.

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